At Naviteach we are able to provide you with not only the theoretical knowledge on how to do both coastal and celestial navigation, but as importantly, the practical know how on how it should be done.

Navigation exercises in a classroom certainly help to cement concepts and processes in place but very often ignore the more practical aspects a navigator might encounter or be expected to deal with.

How do you steady a hand bearing compass? How do you take a celestial sight on a pitching and rolling vessel in an uneasy sea? Is it possible to navigate without instruments? These are some of the questions which we are able to provide some insight into, along with many others. Apart from questions like these, we will provide you with tips and tricks to using navigation equipment to make your chart work and plotting exercises easier and faster.  Using navigation equipment in a well lit classroom, on a stable table is a lot different to doing it on some vessels. An unstable chart table on a moving vessel in poor lighting may pose some problems to the uninitiated but we can help to make it easier by spending some time focusing on these practical issues.

So whether its Yacht master offshore or Yacht master ocean you’re doing,  Master of yachts Limited or Unlimited, Officer of the watch (OOW), Chief mate or Master 500gt/3000gt, we can give you all the theoretical and practical know how you need, to make your path to being a proficient and competent navigator a smooth one.

We cover all aspects of navigation, from coastal to celestial (Astro), from Great circle sailing to traverse sailing and every thing in between.

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