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A place to study and sleep

We have comfortable accommodation suitable for small groups of 4, or for individuals looking for privacy and an environment conducive to studying.

If you are studying with us and in need of a place to stay, then we can assist.

We have a 2-bedroom, 4 bed apartment within the centre where the school and lecture facilities are located. The apartment is less than 100m away from the classrooms and an even shorter distance from restaurants, pub and shops where you can buy groceries and day to day essentials.
The apartment is quiet and is equipped with wi-fi, a stove, microwave, fridge and furnishings.

As the primary focus of your stay is to study, there is a large well- lit table to work at, as well as white boards located throughout the apartment, for those sudden urges to write something down, formalize your thoughts or make quick notes and calculations.

As the apartment is, at times, used for lectures and extra lessons, there is a bookshelf with an assortment of books and publications related to most of the subjects you will be studying.

The accommodation can be booked as a sharing option or if you wish, you have the option of renting out the entire apartment for yourself. This is often an option considered by those who are intending to do longer courses or multiple modules.

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