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Prep Work For your Marine Navigation Courses

We help you to prepare for your course with some prep work.

Over the many years of lecturing, it has become apparent that there is often a definite advantage to doing some prep-work prior to attending a course or module. Very often this can be achieved with some dedicated self-study, however, a prep course tailored to the specific module you intend doing, is often the most effective way to arrive in class prepared for what’s to come.

During the prep classes you will receive lectures on the necessary topics, exercises, questions and model answers to assist with your studies as well as valuable insight into the way in which the questions could be asked and how they should be answered. This knowledge can often be the difference between a pass or fail.

All the prep courses come with the necessary navigation equipment required as well as exercises, model answers and any additional notes which I believe are necessary and relevant to the subject. These are all neatly bound in booklet and are also available on a flash disk provided. The prep courses are run primarily in the evenings; however, day courses can be arranged if required.

The advantage to lectures in the evenings is that it allows you the opportunity to spend a good portion of the day studying and completing exercises from the previous evenings lectures and then being able to ask questions and learn additional information during the following evening

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